About Panattoni

Panattoni develops, leases and owns, industrial, office and retail projects in more than 278 cities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. The company has expanded and enhanced relationships with tenants, brokers and investors across all sectors of the commercial real estate market. Since inception, the firm has completed in excess of 175 million square feet of commercial projects worldwide.

Panattoni provides users multi-market solutions completing quality projects on time and within budget. The development team includes highly experienced local partners with local knowledge and relationships who can make quick decisions and stand by those decisions. A key to the company's success is the strong and valued relationships with the real estate brokerage community.

Washington Contacts and Location
Bart Brynestad | Donnie Belk
900 SW 16th Street, Suite 310
Renton, WA 98057

Corporate Headquarters
20411 SW Birch Street, Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92660